Business Resources

Below are many business resources you may download including lists, videos, and templates.

  • Partnership Planning List   Download                                                               Set partnership expectations using this list of considerations before partnering with anyone.


  • Alternative Funding Video
    Video on alternative business funding including, credit cards, hard money lenders, angel investors, and how to.


  • Engagement Identification Questionnaire   Download
    Use this questionnaire to help identify your real problem or need.


  • Engagement Objective Questionnaire   Download
    Once your real problem or need is identified using the Engagement Identification Questionnaire, use this to determine your objectives, metrics, and full value.


  • Marketing Strategy Analysis Template    Download
    Use this template to guide you through the research that will improve your marketing ROI. It should be done prior to developing any marketing strategies.


  • Sample Operational Plan     Download
    Use this actual sample operational plan as a template to list your operational needs and plans. This, coupled with historic financials, is very useful in helping determine when and how to expand an existing business.


  • Simple 12 Month Proforma Template   Download
    Use in conjunction with business or operational plans to get a complete picture of income and expenses; or use alone to experiment with changes to your business.


  • Business Plan Template    Download
    This is a full business plan template suitable for partners, banks, and investors; but more importantly is a 42 step pre-flight check list for any startup, expansion, or acquisition.