Grants and Incentives

Capacity Consulting’s Economic Development service area specializes in Grants and other Incentives for both the private and public sectors in New York and New Jersey. Our experience in incentives tied with our experience in other economic development areas, makes us extremely effective at winning AND finding grants and incentives.

Grants and incentives are available from a myriad of sources including State, USDA, DOT, etc. and are for a number of purposes like job creation, state promotion, and government consolidation… to name a few.

CFA or Consolidated Funding Application is the most talked about as the application has been created to streamline and expedite the grant application process for a multitude of NYS grants.  Utilizing the CFA serving as the single entry point for access to economic development funding, applicants will no longer have to slowly navigate multiple agencies and sources without any mechanism for coordination. Now, economic development projects will use the CFA as a support mechanism to access multiple state funding sources through one application, making the process quicker, easier, and more productive.

There are a slew of other grant sources NOT included in the CFA that may better fit a business or municipalities need. These can include the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for instance, who has  loans or grants for:

  • Community Facilities
  • Rural Business Development
  • Labor Shed Studies
  • Etc.

It can be a very difficult process to navigate and there are stringent requirements and deadlines for filing.

Capacity can help chose the right one, collect/create the needed documents, file for suitable grants, and manage the follow up process.

Notable Award Examples

Starkay White – $2,600,000 – CFA, Empire State Development

Sullivan County, NY – $187,000 – USDA

Sfoglini Pasta – $400,000 – CFA, Empire State Development

Tyler Oborn,Senior Vice President

Grants and Incentives Team Leader