Municipal Approval Strategy

Municipal approval strategy is can mean the difference between winning and loosing public sector approval for building,  expansion, tax abatement, etc.

Companies looking to start, build, or expand in a town must gain approval of, sometimes multiple boards. This approval requires a solid plan and delicate approach especially in areas not favoring expansion. Municipal board members can be politically, or even personally, motivated to not allow your project… or expansion in general. Most often however, there reluctance is due to some level of discomfort in understanding the project and all it entails.

Support from Economic Development Agencies like the Orange County Partnership or the Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development is usually helpful, but even they need solid documents to help gain approval.

There are also a quagmire of state and local incentives for economic development including low cost loans, job credits, and tax abatement all of which require applications and proper service. For instance many local county Industrial Development Agencies (IDA) have the power to abate taxes but require a Cost/Benefit Analysis to be conducted to show the benefit of increased jobs, etc. will outweigh the cost of abating taxes for years.

Capacity Business Consulting can assist in the above as well as help assemble and potentially “quarterback” the team of engineer, attorney, environmental consultant, etc.