Feasibility Study

A Feasibility Study determines not only if an idea is a “go” or a “no go” but how to “go better”. A proper feasibility study tests an idea, its assumptions, and projections on paper prior to taking action. Traffic studies, financial projections, competition analysis, etc. uncover road blocks and allow for adjustments that save time, money, and ultimately ensure success.

Client Example
California Self Insurance Group

A company specializing in the administration of self-Insurance groups (SIG’s) wanted to form SIG’s in California with that states new regulation allowing such groups.

The principals at Capacity Consulting, Inc. digested the new regulations and took to forming the first group. A distribution network was formed, initial Investor/members were found, necessary vendors were vetted, and contracts and bylaws were drafted. We then attacked the state required feasibility analysis that filled a 5 inch binder and included state applications, rate studies, pro forma financials, bylaws, excess insurance plans, etc.

The first group was submitted and approved by the State of California Office of Self Insurance Plans. Operations were taken over by the departments we established for the administrator. We then built a full California home office and went on to form five more groups.

Eight figure annual revenues coming from a new California Operation lead to the Administrators ability to perform an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and be listed on NASDAQ.

Client Testimonial
“Together with Eric, M&G developed and implemented the first SIG for financial institutions in California. Eric remained committed to our success, the success of CRM and the success of the program. Eric approached the problems we had with innovative and insightful approaches which put us and our client first. With strong communication skills, Eric kept us informed even when the news was not favorable. When someone can give you “bad news”, and you walk away understanding the reasons and the process – that is a communicator.” John Hottinger – Director of Marketing & Sales, Morris & Garritano Insurance.