Financial Projections

Financial Projections (proforma) should be done in a way that encourages “playing” with different scenarios. Solid income and expenses assumptions and formulas throughout allow the changing of one or more income or expense areas at a time. Financial Projections are always required as part of a business plan or feasibility study but can also be quite useful in solving a multitude of needs.

Client Testimonial

Working with Eric has been a great experience.  I am a newborn when it comes to running and owning a business.  Although he has been in business for many years, and has a very advanced understanding of all aspects of business development and growth, he is able to explain things simply and in a way where even the newest of business owners can understand.

When Eric and I first met, I had been doing business for about a year.  My plans for the business were not organized, nor did I have an official business plan written out.  He was very willing to work with me on my business plan, gave me great feedback with it and taught me how to use it as living document that changes with our business needs and growth.  Doing the business plan with him helped me understand its importance to decision making and it helped drive the information needed for the proforma I did with Capacity Consulting.

The proforma is a wonderful excel document that helped me see financial changes from month to month using estimated figures at first, and then substituting the actual monthly figures as the year goes on. This living document drives all decisions I make on spending and helps me time exactly when I should move forward with plans, hiring, expanding, etc.  It gives real numbers to look at and takes the guess work out of when or why I should do anything new or different.

I would recommend to anyone who currently owns a business or thinking about starting a business sit with Eric and look at the services he offers.  Whether you’ve been in business for 6 months or 20 years, Eric can help you move your business onto to that higher level.

Nanette DeGroat, Owner

Breakthrough M2 Health & Wellness