Negotiation Strategy

Negotiation strategy is crucial to you getting what you want! Good negotiators know that it’s half knowing your stuff and half psychology. Those who only use emotion are easily disarmed by those who can back up their arguments with facts or sound assumptions. We at Capacity specialize in this factual disarming.

Client Testimonial
“Capacity’s consultant worked with us to create a strategy for us to negotiate with potential investors.  No matter what direction the meeting went, we were taught how to use the arsenal of information we knew best to hold our own. Capacity made me know every detail of our plan in-depth so that we could logically and rationally defend our course of action and our decisions.  In addition, the research Capacity did further gave me a solid footing & left me feeling completely prepared and empowered to win an investment.” Stacey Hawkins – President of Stacey Hawkins Time Savor Solutions