Sales Preparation™

Sales preparation can take all the worry out of selling. How much? Who? When? How, without employees and customers finding out? And almost every business has problems and secrets of some sort.

Sales Preparation™ includes:

Business Valuation – We create a full financial history and projections with trends, ratios, and valuation.

Research – We research Prospective Buyers, the Industry, Market, Demographics, Customer profile, and Competition in order to place your business in the best light.

Packaging – We understand how to deal with secrets and how to turn problems into appetizing opportunities without lying.

Identification of Untapped Potential – Our research and expertise allows us to identify potential that increases the valuation of your business.

The above information is assembled into a Sales Package for use with prospective buyers. This package acts as a brochure and operations manual that sells your business faster and at a higher valuation.

Sales Exit - Infographic