Temporary Support Services – CFO/COO/CMO/Admin

Most entrepreneurial teams have not experienced the overwhelming chaos that ensues once a business goes live. Capacity can be there for questions and support to ensure proper use of funds, a smooth set up, and efficient operations that can make all the difference between success and failure.

Full Access Executive Services
Capacity offers ongoing C-suite strategic support services to provide high-level strategy, direction and long-term planning initiatives to Company leadership.  This moves the Company forward powerfully, effectively and methodically.  This integrated CFO/COO/CMO insight and advisory service creates greater clarity and capability for high-level navigation of day-to-day challenges.  This will help distinguish the best course of action and illuminate a full spectrum of opportunity that may have been overlooked.

Financial Support Services 
Proactive management of your business will ensure you can grow strategically. Good financial bookkeeping starts with a proper chart of accounts designed to help you track what’s important to your business. This includes input and reconciliation of income and expenses, tracking of bank accounts, credit cards, etc. We will also make sure your accountant has all the necessary data needed on time and can provide robust reports. Clean up current books that may not be exactly right is also offered.

Administrative Support Services 
Our administrative services offer an outsourced solution for short-term planning, task organization and execution of day-to-day operational work that must be done for the Company to function.   Our service offers an economical and flexible tool kit that is capable of addressing a broad range of administrative needs. Resources can be scaled up or dialed back as needed.  These services include but are not limited to back office responsibilities.

Client Example
Supplement Company Strategic Marketing & Operational Planning

A small but growing weight loss supplement business wanted to expand nationally. The management team had no real experience with proactively growing a company and they didn’t want to take attention away from their current customers.

Capacity was engaged to determine exactly how they should market their products and how they should expand both their market share and their internal operations within a limited budget.

A full strategic marketing plan was developed starting with a situational analysis which is the key to getting a return on your marketing dollars. The research done during the situational analysis determined the demographics and psychographics of their perfect customer was women with emotional eating issues. Further research on their competitors determined not only there was room for them in the weight loss market, but that no one was really targeting this psychographic. The rest of the plan including SWOT analysis, strategy, pricing, positioning, distribution, promotion, etc. laid out a map of exactly how we would go about gaining additional customers in the most efficient manner. There would be no “trial and error” with their marketing effort.

The next step was the operational plan. We determined one location would suffice but growth and future moves to larger facilities needed to be mapped out. Equipment purchases were also mapped out to track with growth. Suppliers & vendors had to be examined to determine if current relationships were ideal and if so, could they grow with the company.

Probably the most difficult parts of growth planning are the personnel plan and the financial projections. Payroll is often one of the biggest expenses a company has. Hiring too soon or too late during proactive growth can create a domino effect that closes the entire operation. The financial proforma allows us project this expense and all others as well as income. It is crucial to efficient planned growth.       This company also happened to be looking for funding from investors and Capacity has been retained as temporary COO to handle the funds and growth when the investment is secured.

Advice & Counseling – Some of your needs may be more suitably met by having access to our team of startup and growth experts as temporary or ongoing advisors. Capacity is also often asked to stay on as an advisor after an engagement and can do so in a variety of roles.

Client Testimonial
“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being able to work with you. Since I do not have any previous experience with most of the tasks you ask me to do, I tend to plague you with questions to clarify nitty gritty details and satisfy my curiosity. Nevertheless, you have been very patient with me throughout and for that I am grateful. Even though you are very business oriented, you are also down to earth and realistic which makes you very easy to talk to. Thank you for being so accessible and for answering my calls even when you had more important things going on. Thank you for always being honest with my and for putting up with my sometimes juvenile antics. I also wanted to let you know that your sense of humor never fails to make me smile and makes my work that much easier. It is your knowledge and expertise that is shaping this business into something concrete with real goals. I hope we can continue to work together to build a company that will be successful beyond our wildest dreams.” Z. Shapiro – Vice President of Weigh Smarter